First things first, I am horrible at writing my own bio…

I’m a Bible-believing, outdoor-loving, technology newbie that prides himself in knowing how to make things look good while having very little knowledge about the tools he uses to do that. When it comes to graphic design, my goal is to help churches make a dent in the Great Commission.

“Graphic design will save the world right after Rock and Roll does.”      – David Carson

Why? Because I’m a preacher first and foremost (well, after being a husband and father). That’s why my site has a mixture of doctrinal resources as well as ways in which graphic design and marketing can help the Lord’s body reach our communities. I’ve been graced with the absolute blessing of working alongside the Christians at the Warm Springs Rd. Church of Christ in Columbus, GA since 2015 and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the future.

I don’t shy away from confessing my deep-seated belief that the churches of Christ and our plea for Gospel restoration (i.e. going back to what God gave us rather than what we devised in and of ourselves) are the only things that will change our world and our lives for the better; both naturally and eternally.

My pride and joy in this life is my beautiful wife, Rebeka. I am reminded often that whatever kind of drugs she’s on that make her still love me are vital to my self-worth, and I’m ok with that.

We have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy and active little boy named Joshua Dalton (after the two men that taught me the Gospel and the man that preached our wedding – Josh Romo, Dalton Gilreath & Josh Clevenger). And have had the privilege of serving in the Georgia State Foster Care system since 2013.

I love coffee, guns, Youtube, my barber shop (mainly because you need someone to keep the faux-hawk on point) and generally anything that I can learn from. But I can do without long walks on the beach. I’d much rather be hiking in the Smokies and loathing that last Reece’s I ate.

If you want to see a day in the life of Lee Snow, check out my Instagram. If you want to see the latest quote that I liked or that challenged me to stronger faithfulness, look at Twitter. And, if you want to see the last time I offended someone by sharing a gun meme or by one of those quotes, that’d be Facebook.