There are absolutely tons of ways for a church to advertise for an upcoming event. Everything from tv/radio ads, to billboards, to the “old fashioned” flyers and everything in between. But, all of those things can be pricey and somewhat daunting to smaller congregation.

So, I wanted to give you a few ideas for getting the word to as many people as possible in your community and doing so relatively inexpensively.

  1. “Personal Flyers” – These are small (less than a half a page of printer paper) flyers that can be stuck in the door pocket of members’ cars and handed out as they go about their day.
  2. “Flyer Cards” – Essentially Business Cards specifically for that event. This has always been a huge success for me because it is easy to stick 5 in your pocket in the morning and hand them out to friends and co-workers all day long.
  3. Instagram Campaigns – If your church has an Instagram or some other type of social media where pictures and images can be shared, make 5-10 specific for the event and schedule them to share weekly, or more often, leading up to the event. Another great way to make sure people see these are hashtags. Make sure to hashtag the city you are in and the community will be more likely to see the “flyer”.
  4. Phone Calls – This might be “old fashioned” but take a Wednesday night, hand out phone books to every member and have them start with A and go as far as you can get making calls to those listed. You’d be surprised the amount of ministry that can come from these too!
  5. Email Chains – You have a list of your members’ emails right? (If not, you need one!) About a week before the event, send out a chain-letter that they can forward to everyone they know.
  6. Facebook Cover Photos – Take the personal flyers or flyer cards and convert them into Facebook Cover Photos. The members can add them to their social media sites and people are bound to see it. (Make sure to use those hashtags!!!)
  7. Community Calendars – If you live in a city large enough for it to have a website, it probably also has a calendar on that website. Make sure to submit all of your events to those sites!
  8. Facebook Yard-Sale Groups – Everyone on Facebook seems to be selling something in a yard-sale group. Why not post information about the event in there too? Sure, it will probably get deleted because it doesn’t fit the insanely lengthy “rules” for those groups, but one or two people might see it before that happens.
  9. Text Message Chains – Send a text to every member, and in turn ask them to send the same thing to 10 people. Kind of like the email chains only for the Millennial in your community.
  10. USE YOUR MOUTH! – This is the most obvious one. Between now and the event, don’t let yourself speak to someone without somehow letting them know that the event is coming.

So, there are 10 quick ideas that I wanted to share with you about getting the word out about your church events. If you notice, only the first two cost anything and they are relatively cheap when you think about getting business cards printed or having 100 sheets printed and then cutting them in half or quarters. You can get a lot of those without spending a ton of money.

But, above all, please, please, please, please do not allow an event to approach and then the week before try to scramble to get the word out. Set these things up in plenty of time so there is ample opportunity to let everyone in your city know what is happening at their local church of Christ!
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