If a church doesn't have a website, they may as well not exist today. Why? Because no one can find them.

IF the church's purpose is to be the image of Jesus Christ on earth, especially to those outside of Christ, and no one knows the congregation exists then there's no way they are meeting their purpose!

So, let's look at some killer church websites, shall we?

Ok, yeah. I built it, maintain it and preach there. But I still think it's a really well done website. If you don't think so, just keep scrolling and you'll see some great ones.

Newspring is consistently on almost every list of best church websites. If they weren't, there might be a problem. They have the resources to really make a killer site, so they better be at the top of their game. Nonetheless, it's really a great website.


Let's get into the TOP 5!

This site is just really well put together. Nothing super flashy, just consistent!

The most difficult thing to do in making a church website interface is giving tons of information in a way that doesn't overwhelm. Cornerstone does a great job of that.

Jacksonville holds a special place with me so I may be biased. I was baptized in that baptistery in 2009 and it's where I started my journey. BUT, their website is really well done. The pictures they use are high quality and candid. Their Plan a Visit section is really good (maybe because it was inspired by ours at WSR).

Here's where it starts to get so hard to delineate why I love the sites. 12Stone's site is just so well put together. The branding is spot on. The copy is minimal but informative. Just look at it!

I could go on for hours about this one. Whoever does this website, email me. I owe you a handshake and a cup of coffee!


Best Home Page - Remnant Church


It's not flashy, but the inviting nature of the video they use and all of the information that they provide is really well put together. As is the case with most of the superlatives, this one was absolutely no question in my mind.

Best One-Page Website - The Commons


No discussion needed. The minimalistic design on the sidebar menu. The overall theme and concise content and information. The Commons dominates the one-page.

Best Next Steps - Hill City Church


The point of a Next Steps page is to bring visitors to the point that they are interested in more than filling a seat. Hill City does a great job. Especially in the colored, animated areas.

Best Newcomer Section - Brentwood Baptist Church


I've always liked this Newcomer Section. Even though it's not flashy and animated, it gets right to the point and gives the key information that is really needed.

Best News & Events - Good News Church


There's a reason why this website is my favorite. They do just about everything perfectly, especially their section on news & events. In fact, I've had multiple churches tell me they want THAT news & events section on their websites during the building process.

Best Branding - Terra Nova Church


I'm a chump for awesome design and branding, that is what I do if you didn't notice. Terra Nova Church absolutely kills it in the continuity of brand department!

Best Use of Color - Good News Church


Be mad if you want. They won top spot in the list and 2 superlatives. I...Just...Love...Their...Colors!

Best Use of Humor - Journey Church Madison


Do yourself a favor. Scroll down to the Connect With Us section and just read through the animation. Sometimes we need to know how to laugh a little!

Best Use of Video - Orchard Church


Ugh... Their Life Changing Stories section. Every church needs one!

Best Use of Photography - Mayfair Church of Christ


This one almost made it on the list itself, but nonetheless the photography across their entire site is really well done!

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